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JK: Factory Replacement CV Joint Kit – High-Angle Rzeppa

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JK: Factory Replacement CV Joint Kit – High-Angle Rzeppa

Fabrikant: TERAFLEX
Model: Wrangler JK
  • CV joint
  • High-angle, CV housing cap and boot
  • Bolt flanges socket head bolts
  • Allen wrench 6mm
  • Low-friction CV grease

he TeraFlex JK: Factory Replacement High-Angle Rzeppa CV Joint Kit replaces a worn or damaged factory Rzeppa CV joint and driveshaft without resorting to an expensive aftermarket U-joint upgrade.

irect replacement • Quality components for years of service • Installation tool included • High-viscosity, surface bonding, low friction grease included • Use existing drive shaft, replaces the Rzeppa joint only

• JK Wrangler (2-door)
• JKU Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)
• Not compatible with axle end of front driveshaft