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Leveling kit with Falcon Sport Tow/Haul shocks Teraflex Lift 0-2,25"

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Productcode SKU 19-04-32-400-002
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Leveling kit with Falcon Sport Tow/Haul shocks Teraflex Lift 0-2,25"

SKU 19-04-32-400-002

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Fabrikant: TERAFLEX
Model: RAM
  • Front: 0-2,25"
  • Rear: 0"
  • Levels the front with the rear
  • Front leveling monotube shocks w/ tuning optimized for on- and off-road driving
  • Rear adjustable piggyback shocks w/ 3-postiion Fast Adjust Knob for large damping adjustments
  • Rear settings include: Sport, Moderate Tow/Haul, Heavy Tow/Haul
  • Ideal for daily driving, off-road excursions, and tow/haul duties as well as the serious enthusiast wanting a consistent, firm feel through all driving conditions

• 2019+ Ram 1500 Rebel (5th-gen)
• 2019+ Ram 1500 (5th-gen) – does NOT fit 2019+ Ram 1500 Classic (4th-gen)
Specs: Front Level Height:
• Ram 1500: 0-2.25"
• Ram 1500 Rebel: 0-1.25"
• Max Tire Size: 315/70R17

ruck/SUV Performance Shocks: • Vehicle-specific shock absorbers • Race-inspired performance for increased vehicle stability • Improved dynamic roll control and low-speed damping • Dramatic improvement in on-road comfort and off-road performance • Optimized fitment for unobstructed suspension travel and articulation • 2.3" shock body provides optimal performance • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy shock body resists Impact to protect internal components • Smooth honed internal shock body surface for long-term performance • 3/4" induction hardened chrome plated shaft resists rock damage, corrosion, and shaft buckling • Large shaft diameter provides wide range of adjustment on adjustable shocks • Hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum alloy billet piston • 1-piece Teflon bronze piston wear band w/ O-ring • VOD (Volume Optimized Damping) features a digressive linear piston • VOD reduces shock bottoming at full compression or over uneven terrain • OGS (Oil/Gas Separator) prevents cavitation • ZRT (Zone Rate Tuning) assists factory spring in the Extension and Compression Zones during aggressive driving – does NOT affect Drive Zone • Internal Negative-Rate Coil Spring eliminates top out clunk and shock stress during Extension Zone; softens tire landing on impact • Vehicle tuned microcellular Progressive Bump Stops reduce harsh bottom outs (when applicable) • High-quality spherical bushings (when applicable) • Zerk fittings to lube bushing (when applicable) • Red Line synthetic oil w/ a high Viscosity Index for consistent performance across all temperatures • Synthetic formula also contains special anti-wear and lubricity agents • 1,000-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test on all hardware • Serviceable and rebuildable (factory serviced) • Designed, engineered, and assembled in-house from domestic and globally sourced components • Patented design





Leveling kit with Falcon Sport Tow/Haul shocks Teraflex Lift 0-2,25"