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OME stuurdemper OMESD33 4Runner / Hilux / Pickup

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OME stuurdemper OMESD33  4Runner / Hilux / Pickup


ARB OMESD33 Old Man Emu Front Steering Stabilizer for 4Runner / Hilux / Pickup

As another integral component of the Old Man Emu 4WD suspension range, steering stabilisers are designed to reduce the effect of wheel vibration and improve the feel, handling and control of the vehicle. They will also reduce the aggressive rotation of the steering wheel over rough roads without affecting steering wheel return.

9 stage coil spring valving for optimum performance

15mm piston rod provides improved strength

Stone guard protects the piston rod against stone damage

35mm piston and bore allows increased oil volume

Twin tube design protects the internal components against stone damage

Multi lip seal prevents oil loss

Original stabiliser mounts are used where appropriate

Includes a 3-Year/37,000 Mile Warranty


Item Specs:

Upper Mount Type: Eye with Bush & Mounting Pin

Lower Mount Type: Eye with Bush

Open Length: 24.06 inches

Close Length: 14.33 inches