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It’s raining, it’s pouring and you’re still out exploring. Ready for extreme weather, the heavy-duty Monsoon Bag is 100% water and dust proof. It easily adapts its size to fit anything from clothes or camping supplies to the Front Runner Cub Pack or Flat Pack storage containers. Declutter the interior of your vehicle with this roof-rack ready bag that’s designed to keep all your gear clean and dry while you adventure on- and off- road.

  • Versatile storage solution for small to large cargo
  • Simply fold or roll the bag to perfectly fit the size of the contents
  • Free up precious interior space by attaching it to a Front Runner Rack
  • Scalable up to 90L (5492 in³) capacity
  • Expands to hold 2 Cub Pack
  • Removable rigid tray makes packing a breeze and protects the bag from chaffing when carried on a roof rack
  • Soft Grip handle with steel spine for easy manual handling
  • Bag can be secured to the roof rack using a pair of Stratchits*
  • Roll-top style bag with sonically welded seams is 100% water and dust proof
  • Integrated air-pressure release valve for a water tight seal when rolling and sealing the bag
  • The IP66 rating guarantees an air-tight, dust proof seal and protection against powerful jets of water
  • Made with innovative heavy-duty waterfproof materials
  • Protects contents from sun, wind, rain, and water crossings
  • Durable and ready for intense continuous use
  • Endless storage uses from clothes and scuba gear to climbing and camping gear
  • A separate mesh bag provides quick access to smaller items. It can also be used to store small we items that need to be dried
  • Folds compact for easy storage to keep your garage clean and organized

*Stratchits, Flat Packs and Cub Packs sold separately

Consists of:
1 x 90L (5492 in³) Monsoon Wet/Dustproof Transit Bag
1 x 1.5L (95in³) Mesh Handle Bag
1 x Internal Base Tray

Materials used:
1000D PVC coated TPE – Base
500D PVC coated TPE – Lateral Ends
600D PVC coated TPE – Sides
Ballistic Nylon – Straps
Formed PU with Nylon cover – Base Tray
Steel – Handle

Black with Grey detailed double stitching

Product Dimensions:
660mm (26″) L x 450mm (17.7″) W x 500mm (19.7″) H (Opened)
660mm (26″) L x 450mm (17.7″) W x 250mm (9.8″) H (Closed)

3.7kg (8.2lbs)