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ARB – BASE Rack Sport Lid Mount Kit

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ARB – BASE Rack Sport Lid Mount Kit.


ARB – BASE Rack Sport Lid Mount Kit

The most important aspects that ARB engineers took into account when developing a kit that would allow mounting a BASE RACK on ARB SportLid were:

  • Ease of assembly/disassembly (fit for all SportLid models)
  • Possibility of installing the original rollbar from each manufacturer.
  • Keep the BASE RACK as close as possible to the SportLid cover.


  • Specific “leaf” style mounts for SportLid ARB.
  • Distance between the BASE RACK and the Sportlid cover is 25 mm.
  • The minimum height added to SportLid is 60 mm.
  • The maximum load per BASE Rack beam is 25 kg. Loads must be evenly distributed and properly secured.


  • SportLid ARB: 75kg
  • Rack Base ARB-1770070 + supports ARB-17900120: 20Kg

Useful load:

  • SportLid ARB + ​​Base Rack ARB-1770070 + supports ARB-17900120: 55Kg