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ARB – Full-height Roller Drawer / RD1045

€ 1.015,82 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 2 tot 8 weken.
Productcode leverancier RD1045
Bruto gewicht 38,00 Kg

ARB – Full-height Roller Drawer / RD1045

For convenient storage of items such as recovery equipment and clothing, the traditional style roll out drawer comes with a fixed top.
This allows for additional modules to be stacked on top, or provides a flat surface for storing other, larger items.

Internal dimensions:

Complete Lenght : 950 mm
Complete Width : 455 mm
Complete Hight: 220 mm

External dimensions:

Complete Lenght : 1045 mm
Complete Width : 535 mm
Complete Hight: 280 mm