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Jeep Gladiator JT 06/20+

€ 1.665,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Jeep Gladiator JT 06/20+


Product Specification

The all new Jeep Gladiator JT is designed for the real off-roader in mind, with its iconic 
design and unparalleled 4x4 capabilities its the perfect choice. SmartBar’s StealthBar has 
been designed to complement the vehicle styling, while maintaining all of the factory 
accessories and all the while providing unparalleled safety and off-roading capability.
The StealthBar’s Vehicle Frontal Protection System (VFPS) is a full bumper replacement and 
is designed to suit models with standard plastic bumper and steel bumper with and without 
the parksense package. 
The StealthBar is engineered to be the lightest and safest VFPS available; offering even more 
protection and safety for vehicle owners and importantly pedestrians.

Protection & Styling Characteristics:
• Meets full Australian Standard AS 4876.1-2002. Including 3.2 Road User Protection
• Weight savings provide improved fuel economy and reduced tyre, suspension and 
brake wear when compared to other alternatives
• Compatible with the Jeep Gladiator JT
• Fitted Weight of 25kg (factory plastic bumper vehicles) 23kg for European StealthBar
• StealthBar adds 50mm to vehicle length
• 38º approach angle at centre
• Air Bag Compatible
• Bumper replacement, easily fitted
• AHC Structure (Absorbing Hollow Core) provides superior frontal protection
• See matrix for fog light compatibility
• See matrix for tow point compatibility
• Fits original plastic skid plate (some trimming required see instructions for detail)
• UV stabilised polymer for durability and corrosion resistance
• Styled to maintain the vehicle’s aesthetic
• Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia
• Minimal maintenance
• Minimal repair costs after impact
• Manufactured from environmentally friendly, recyclable polyethylene polymer
• Available in black as standard, other colours available for large order quantities
• Accommodates up to 10,000lb winch
• Accommodates a large range of spotlights and light bars
• High Lift Jack point available as an option
• Compatible with front parking sensors
• Top Filler Kit required for non-winch fitment (SA222TFK)
• Optional Flip Up number plate required if fitting a winch (3500630)
• Freight Information: 1900mm x 450mm x 400mm - 38kg
• All variants winch compatible


Light Model Fitment:
This model of SmartBar accommodates the 
following Lights:
ARB Intensity and ARB Intensity V2:
• ARB Intensity 21
• ARB Intensity 32
• ARB Intensity AR40
Bushranger Night Hawk lights:
• VLI Series light bars
• VLI Series driving lights