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Bushranger kinetic rope -9m (30% elasticity) breaking strenght:12000kgs

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Bushranger kinetic rope -9m (30% elasticity) breaking strenght:12000kgs 



Also known as the "Super Stretchy Rope", the new Bushranger Kinetic Rope measures 9-metres in length and is rated at 12-tonne. As the name suggests, this kinetic rope offers significant stretch and utilises kinetic energy to generate a substantial pulling force, making it ideal for large 4X4 snatch recoveries. 

Supplied with a handy storage bag, that can act as a recovery damper; the Bushranger Kinetic Rope is the perfect addition to any recovery kit.


  • 12,000kg rated capacity
    • 9 metre length (unstretched), 3.8kg weight (a 10m Black Snake strap weighs 8kg)
    • 25mm diameter
    • Stretches up to 30% of its length (10 % more stretch than Black Snake kinetic ropes)
    • More than 50% stretch compared to a traditional snatch strap