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Toyota Hilux Mk7 2005-2015 4WD (lift +40mm)

€ 1.650,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Toyota Hilux Mk7 2005-2015 4WD (lift +40mm)


Pedders suspension kit- Toyota Hilux Mk7 2005-2015 4WD (lift +40mm) Assembled Struts, Light Load PTO-407-42


PEDDERS RAISED SUSPENSION KIT for Toyota Hilux 2005-2015 is ideal for offroading enthusiasts. This kit provides bigger clearance between ground and chassis, better vehicle handling and increases safety of your driving.

This kit includes front EZIFIT FOAM STRUTS that allow QUICK AND EASY FITMENT onto your vehicle, Pedders Foam cell shocks alongside with heavy duty rear springs, bushes and U-bolts in one package for easy installation.

Everything you need for an easy installation of this RAISED kit in one package:

• 2x 807201 - Front Ezifit
• 2x 263004 - VLP rear springs
• 2x 153226 - Rear foam cell shocks
• 1x EP8338 - bushes
• 1x EP8339 - bushes
• 4x 4382 - u-bolts

Vehicle Height and Load Information:

Front: 40 mm
Rear: 40 mm

Fits on all:

  • Toyota Hilux 4WD MK7 (05-15) 

The final raise depends on the weight of load/towing.

Note: A wheel alignment after fitting of the kit is highly recommended so you achieve the best performance of your car possible.
Weight [KG]: 85.88