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Front Runner Expander Chair Storage Bag

€ 27,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 1 - 4 werkdagen of 2 - 6 weken
Productcode 10-984
Productcode leverancier CHAI008
Bruto gewicht 4,00 Kg

Front Runner Expander Chair Storage Bag with carrying strap

Store TWO (2) Front Runner Expander Chairs. Keep your Expander Chairs in great condition. This dual carrier bag keeps Front Runner Expander Chairs safe and makes them easy to transport.

A canvas bag that holds two (2) Expander Chairs.
  • Zippered access.
  • Two (2) carrier straps to support added weight.
  • Black nylon edging for added ridgidity.
  • Reduces rattle when traveling.