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Defender 98-16 Lift Kit 2" Superior Engineering

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Defender 98-16 Lift Kit 2" Superior Engineering

Defender 110
Model: Defender

  • Professional lift kit, designed to fit your car

  • Ensures correct driving characteristics on the lift

  • Adjusted to both on-road and off-road environments

  •  Improves the behavior of the lifted car

Superior Engineering has become one of the best known Premium 4X4 Accessories and 4WD Suspension manufacturer and supplier in Australia and around the world. Superior Engineering use the highest quality materials and expert manufacturing techniques to produce premium 4X4 products for our customers. They manufacture and supply a huge range of 4X4 products, accessories and suspension parts for almost every type of four wheel drive vehicle on the market.

The Kit is dedicated for Land Rover Defender 110 1998-2016 and includes:2 x Front Coil Springs,2 x Rear Coil Springs,2 x Front Shocks FOX 2.0 Performance,2 x Rear Shocks FOX 2.0 Performance, Important: This lift is dedicated to the car without pneumatic suspension. Lift raise front 50mm, rear 50mm.,This lift is recommended for vehicles with carrying loads of 45 kg on front and 200 kg rear. Lifts are also available for vehicles with a higher load