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Deadman Anchor Complete Kit

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Deadman Anchor Complete Kit

Create a safe winch anchor point in the ground or around rocks and trees. 

This kit contains everything you need to succeed at life! Ok, maybe not, but at least it will get your vehicle unstuck while you are succeeding at life!

MADE IN THE USA in partnership with Blue Ridge Overland Gear

The Deadman™ Earth Anchor™ (patent pending) is the world’s most versatile off-road recovery anchor, capable of anchoring to just about anything Mother Earth throws your way. Lightweight and easily stowed under your seat, it’s the self-recovery anchor that’s always with you, allowing you to explore with confidence!

While the Deadman loves to go around hugging trees or rocks, he is also an extremely capable ground anchor as well. Instead of debating whether to carry a heavy metal ground anchor, the Deadman becomes the ground anchor that’s a permanent member of your recovery kit.

With a Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) ranging from 16,600 – 66,400 after assembly (depending on its configuration), the Deadman will be the strongest member of your recovery kit. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure we get every last ounce of strength out of these American made, Class VII polyester industrial slings. The Deadman won’t let you down!

The Deadman Bodybag — After the recovery, clean up the evidence with the Deadman Bodybag. Designed specially to hold the Deadman Earth Anchor, the bag is large enough to carry your soft shackles, and some gloves, pretty much everything you need for a straight forward self-recovery. Strap it to your roll bars or throw it in the back of your rig & go!

Made from industrial grade love, PVC vinyl, and a MOLLE system for attaching additional gear. Also there is a velcro patch for you to rep your favorite brands!

The soft Shackles

MADE IN THE Germany by Seilflechter

** The Deadman requires two shackles when used in the ground. Metal shackles do work, though soft shackles are much more convenient and easier to work with. **

The  Soft Shackle is made in Germany and is exceptionally strong. Made with the same materials used in synthetic winch lines.

We prefer to use soft shackles because they’re stronger, safer, lighter, and easier to work with than their metal counterparts. By using soft shackles, we remove more metal from our winching system and thereby lessen the potential for serious harm in the event of a break.

Package contains:

1 x Deadman Anchor
1 x Deadman bodybag
2 x Softshackle

Deadman Anchor Complete Kit

Create a safe winch anchor point in the ground or around rocks and trees. 

We created the Deadman Earth Anchor (patent pending) because we wanted to explore with confidence. We often found ourselves venturing solo, and with very little room to spare in our vehicle we needed recovery gear that was at once lightweight, small, and adaptable to different terrain. The Deadman was our solution to this need. With this single device, we can create a winch anchor point out of almost anything Mother Earth throws our way — without breaking the bank or taking up precious cargo space. For us, this opened new avenues to adventure and the freedom to explore. We believe in having many different recovery tools in our recovery kit; the addition of something as versatile as the Deadman gives us options — and since every recovery is unique, and conditions are never ideal, having options might just be what’s needed to get us home.


Ok, anything you bury in the ground as a winching anchor point is defined as a deadman anchor. So yes, we named our product The Deadman in honor of this, however its versatility both above and below ground has led us to refer to it as an Earth Anchor. You see, the Deadman is not simply a ground anchor: it can anchor to a tree, a rock, or the ground unlike anything else. Most anchors only work in one scenario, meaning you must carry multiple anchors to ensure preparedness. The Deadman’s unique design allows it to be extremely capable in all three scenarios, making it the most versatile off-road anchor ever.



Our primary design objective was to create something small and lightweight that could be easily buried – and be retrieved without more digging – for self-recovery in areas where there is nothing else to attach a winch to. What we came up with surprised us! It weighs less than 5lb, fits underneath a seat, and works to anchor to so much more than just the dirt.Because it’s a soft product, it can also be used around trees and rocks with increased safety relative to traditional anchors… and we keep finding new uses for the Deadman all the time. For instance, because it’s made from industrial grade, non-stretch polyester webbing (same as a tree strap), it can also be used as a 15′ winch extension. We’ve also found it useful as a ground mat, a fluid catch, a shade, and more – we’re looking forward to what ideas our customer community comes up with as well!


The Deadman is constructed in USA from the finest USA-made, industrial grade materials. The tarp in the center is industrial 18oz vinyl with a rip-stop polyester skrim that’s both tough and malleable, allowing it to conform to misshaped objects like rocks without ripping. The webbing is 2″ Class VII industrial sling webbing, manufactured by Murdock Webbing (est. 1936) in Rhode Island, which is the same stuff used in industrial rigging and hoisting applications. Each line has a breaking strength of 19,600lb in a straight pull configuration and 39,200lb in a basket configuration. Because the Deadman uses two of these, when both lines are in use its breaking strength doubles, giving the Deadman a minimum breaking strength (MBS) of nearly 80,000lb in a basket configuration (still over 66,000lb after assembly). Additionally, because more than one strap is in use, the Deadman offers something no other anchor can: redundancy.

The Deadman is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Blue Ridge Overland Gear in Bedford, Va, under the direction of Deadman LLC.


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