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SnoMaster – Traveller Series SMDZ-TR42

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SnoMaster – Traveller Series SMDZ-TR42


SnoMaster – Traveller Series SMDZ-TR42


SnoMaster Travellers’ Series fridges and freezers offer outdoorsmen an attractive alternative to the more sophisticated and luxurious Classic and Expedition Series models. With an insulation thickness from 45-60mm, the unit is smaller so the coolers can be installed easier in confined spaces, like the trunk of your car. The two fridge and freezer sections now have the save lid. The strength of the separating web being reduced means a significant increase in interior space.

Depending on the model, then, the outer cover is made of gray powder-coated steel or stainless steel, the interior is made of aluminum and plastic. All fittings are made of hard-wearing stainless steel or aluminum to give your cooler a longer lifespan. The temperature for the fridge and freezer compartment can be set between 10° and -22°C.

As simple as they are brilliant: for lovers of well-groomed beers, all SnoMaster coolers come with a bottle opener and a safety cap.

Removable baskets facilitate the organization and access to your goods while built in LED lighting helps you find them in the dark. The high-quality stainless steel inner compartments are easy to clean due to the built in drain. Anyone who forgets to close the lid will be reminded by an alarm which sounds until the cooler is properly closed.

As well, no compromises have to be made when purchasing the power supply. All fridges can operated on 12 or 24 Volt DC and 100 to 240 Volt AC. No external power supply is required.

The temperature is adjusted by means of an intuitively operated panel with bright, large illuminated LED displays with direct temperature selection in degrees Celsius.

SnoMaster never compromises with the compressor and has developed its own high-performance compressor designed specifically for off-road applications. This also contributes to the energy efficiency of the fridges, as does the insulation which is 55mm thick.

No optional extras necessary. The removable baskets and also the protective cover, as well as the 230 Volt equipment, are always included. SnoMaster guarantees a five year warranty on the compressor.

Specs SnoMaster SMDZ-TR42

Update: New version with high-quality stainless steel outer case, large display and reinforced protective cover.

Compartments: 1

Net capacity: 42 Liters

Interior: The interior is in the form of stairs. It is 526 mm long at the top, 346 mm in the recessed area; 250 mm wide and 400 mm, resp. 215 mm high.

Outside dimensions (L/W/H): 640 x 364 x 515 mm

Outside dimensions including handles and locks (L/W/H): 680 x 364 x 515 mm

Weight: 25 kg

Insulation: 55 mm

Included in delivery: Fridge, baskets, 230 Volt power cord, 12/24 Volt connection cable for cigarette lighter socket, protective sleeve, bottle opener with fastening screws, instructions

SnoMaster grants a 5 year warranty on the compressor

The SMDZ-TR42 is the ideal alternative or the perfect substitute for a 40 Liters Engel MT45D or MT45F fridge with its nearly identical outer dimensions (the details of Engel® are in the handlebars) and the hinged lid. After testing, the magazine Drive Out also found that the SnoMaster fridges cool faster and consume less power.


Depending on the model, the outer-shell of the fridge is made of gray powder-coated steel or web-formed rust free Stainless Steel. Plastic feet at the corners ensure a stable stand and at the same time serve to protect the corners from damage. The surfaces are hard-wearing, easy-to-clean and give the coolers additional stability. In contrast to plastic, which often becomes brittle and changes color in its’ age, we don’t have these problems with the SnoMaster covers.

The insulating layer of polyurethane insulation foam is 55 mm thick. Thus, even when it is very hot outside, cold storage capacity is maintained if the box is disconnected from the power supply and a lower power consumption is used during operation.


For a long life and as protection against corrosion, all locks, hinges and handles are made of aluminum. If necessary, the cover of the hinged lid can be secured with a padlock (not supplied).

All fittings are screwed on tightly and in the unlikely event of damage, can be easily replaced. The lid is easy to remove which makes cleaning it much easier.


The side walls of the interior of the fridges are made of easy-care and durable aluminum. The aluminum side walls are good cooling conductors, so the interior can cool down faster than with side walls made of plastic.

The floor is made of plastic. The side walls, which are rounded slightly upwards, prevent condensation from pooling on the ground, and penetrating into the insulation layer of the fridge.

For hygienic and practical reasons, there are no cooling coils or plates. This makes cleaning much easier. No dirt can hide in corners or behind metal sheets and nothing can rust.

For even easier cleaning, each cooling compartment has a sealable drain. This is also very useful when defrosting food. Simply pull out the plug and drain the water.


SnoMaster fridges come with two removable plastic-coated metal baskets.


Each cooling compartment has a power-saving LED light which automatically turns on when the lid is opened.


An alarm tone will sound after 90 seconds to remind you that the door may have accidentally been left open.


Each compartment can be set anywhere from 10° to -22°C according to your wishes. As required, a compartment can be used as a fridgeor as a freezer. For coolers with two compartments, you can choose between using both as fridges, one of each or both as freezers.

Each compartment has its own digital LED display of the current temperature of the cooler. The desired temperature can be adjusted in 1°C increments. The extra-bright red LED display with large digits are also easy to read in sunlight.


For maximum flexibility, the coolers can be operated with 12 or 24 Volt DC through the cigarette lighter socket or the DIN standard socket of a car or truck, as well as with 100 to 240 Volt AC at almost every outlet worldwide.

DC and AC cables can be connected at the same time. The cooler can run off direct currentbut as soon as alternating current functions properly, the cooler runs off that.

If the power switches itself off when the fridge is running in the switched-on state, the fridge automatically switches on again as soon as power is available.

The maximum power consumption of the compressor is only about 5 Amps at the highest cooling capacity. Thus, it can operate at full capacity through the cigarette lighter socket.

In addition to the two plug-in contacts for the power cables, an easy-to-access 15 Amps automotive fuse is installed on the outside of the cooler. Both the temperature control and the compressor are equipped with a polarity reversal switch, so that faulty wiring will not damage the SnoMaster refrigerator.

All necessary cables are included in the delivery. No external power supply is required for 230 Volt operation. Plugging the fridge into the cigarette lighter supplies a fixed access to power in the car. When operating with a cigarette lighter or a car socket, this should be designed for at least 120 Watt (10 Amps at 12 Volt, 5 Amps at 24 Volt). If you use your own connection cables, these should have a dimension of 2×2 mm².


To prevent draining your battery supply, all fridges are equipped with a battery monitor. This can be adjusted via the control panel in three steps between 10.0, 10.7 or 11.8 Volt or 22.2, 23.5 or 25.0 Volt. When the voltage supply is too low, the fridge will turn itself off. This prevents draining the car battery which can cause damage both to the car and fridge.

As soon as sufficient battery voltage is available, the fridge restarts automatically. Depending on the setting, this is 11.4, 12.0 or 12.9 Volt or 23.4, 24.8 or 26.3 Volt.


Each fridge comes with a protective cover. This not only protects the surface of the fridge from contamination and damage, but also offers added insulation. Anyone traveling in hot temperatures or dusty environments will appreciate this extra protection. Especially so, if the fridge is not installed in the air-conditioned vehicle, but instead on a pick-up bed, a camping trailer or a caravan.

The protective cover can be closed with a zipper, has a storage bag and comes with a bottle opener.


A bottle opener is available which can be screwed into the pre-drilled points on the front or right side. When mounted on the right side, the bottle caps fall right into the pocket below in the protective cover.


In order to guarantee the best cooling performance, SnoMaster has developed its own compressor for transportable fridges and freezers. These can be used in the harshest of environments in off-road vehicles and in extreme temperatures, such as the desert. The compressor is designed to withstand dust and dirt, extreme vibrations and driving up and down steep hills. SnoMaster fridges come with a five year warranty on the compressor.

To optimize power consumption and cooling performance, the compressor speed is automatically controlled in three stages. At the highest level, the compressor operates at its highest strength. To maintain the power current when starting, the compressor always starts slower and only increases to its’ set speed after about a minute. As an alternative to automatic settings, the speed can be permanently set to the highest or lowest level on the control panel.

Settings :

  • Fast: high ambient temperature, operates on alternating current, cools quickly when necessary

  • Auto: normal ambient temperature

  • Slow: only low battery capacity is available, selected temperature not less than 5°C from current temperature, target temperature has been reached and only needs to be held

Usually we should leave the performance control to the machine, but if you are sleeping right next to the fridge and want to reduce running noise, you can select a lower setting. That being said, the fridge is usually quite quiet with a sound pressure level of 47.3 dB.

There is no difference in the automatic power control whether the fridge is operating on direct or alternating current. That is to say, the compressor also provides the full cooling power even when operating at 12 Volt in the vehicle.

The compressor is designed for an ambient temperature of up to 55°C and is protected against overheating. When reaching 90°C, the compressor switches off to protect itself until the temperature drops back down to 75°C. While the temperature ranges between 75°C and 90°C, the compressor runs at its’ lowest setting.

The SnoMaster compressor has a 20% higher performance rate than Danfoss’s BD35F, which is often installed and advertised on other brands and is slightly newer than the larger BD50F. A more powerful compressor usually allows a higher cooling efficiency on a day-to-day basis, resulting in lower power usage. What is interesting to note, is that SnoMaster also produces technically simpler fridges for warehouses and installs the Danfoss compressor in them. The SnoMaster’s own compressor is only used for the high-quality fridges sold under its own brand name.


A dirty condenser reduces the cooling capacity considerably and increases the power consumption. To clean it, it can easily be air-blown with compressed air through the ventilation grills. For easier access, the side cover can also be unscrewed after disconnecting the power supply.


SnoMaster coolers are equipped with an integrated diagnostic system, which outputs error messages on the temperature display.

  • OC: Temperature sensor provides no values (permanently or temporarily). Check connections and restore, if necessary.

  • SC: Temperature sensor is defective. Repair is necessary.

  • HH: Temperature controller is defective or valve blocked in the open position. Repair is necessary.


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